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A Visionary is born...

Tika Mercer is a natural-born Leader, Entrepreneur, and Visionary! Through her God-given Vision, she supported the birth of over 20 businesses and counting! As an astute businesswoman, Tika is cited in many publications and even graced the cover of NewGrowth Hair Magazine. Her 20+ years of experience in the Cosmetic Arts Industry as a stylist, educator, advisory board member, and business consultant has brought forth TikaVision!


Write The Vision Make it plain.
                                                               Habakkuk 2:2

TikaVision embodies the belief that we should all walk this ministry called life with one hand up (To be pulled) and one hand down (To pull another). The Vision is shared with you through writings, training, and more! The brand TikaVision wants to partner with you to show you how Tika L.E.A.D.S (Leadership, Education, Achievement, Decorum, Success). Our mission is to provide resources that will Encourage You, Inspire and Affirm You along your journey to success! ...

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