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Birthing Season… Time To Level Up

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Birthing Season… Time To Level Up

Can you recall a birthing season in your life where things came full circle?? Well I can, and there were many levels that brought me back there in a Major way.

First Level- Booked Up I moved into a salon and suites building in 2010, leaving a full clientele at a popular salon. There, Lucky You Natural Hair Care was born. This mini salon, also called a single salon suite was just enough. I had 1 shampoo bowl, 1 styling chair, 1 hooded dryer chair, shelving and a small bench for guest seating. A few people had jokes about the size of my salon, but it was accommodating to me. A workplace I could call my own. In spite of the ridicule, I was blessed to quickly rebuild. Soon I was booked and busy and it was time to expand. God had made sure that the right clients followed me to that first salon suite. Some even followed me that were not my clients saying “whew girl, I thought you’d never leave!” They too could feel that it was time for my next level.

Next Level- Build Up For me, the next level came after working alone for almost 2 years with an assistant here and there. This level looked like bringing a computer desk chair from home and squeezing it right beside my styling chair to train my first stylist. The concept caught on quick! Those who could not get onto my schedule were more than happy to try out my trainee for a discounted rate- knowing I’d be right there with guidance. The young lady was so full of life talent and humor. She turned to me one day and shrieked in a high pitched fast talking tone, “So this is what it’s like to be living in the overflow, huh?”

Level 3- Double Up- Yep, this level came equipped with a double salon suite and a single suite across the hallway within that same building! This would accommodate adding yet another talented stylist to my growing team. By the 3 year mark, business was fruitful and I was diligently helping take care of the building as if it were my own. I would scrub toilets, purchase toiletries if needed, and the building owner stated he could always depend on me to be the first one there in the mornings, and the last to lock up in the evenings. We had a great thing going. At this point, I wanted my girls all together and I needed my set up to make sense.

Level 4- Partner Up After having many dreams about this building, I felt a sense of urgency to make some changes. I had a conversation with an old colleague. (This is truly a testament of why we should Never burn bridges.) The conversation led to a brunch meeting, which led to birthing a beautiful business partnership! Lucky You Natural Hair Care merged with Love Our Culture (presently called Love Our Curls). Both names have been kept. One is for the salon, the other for our product line.

Level 5- The Come Up - A few years zipped by as we continued to build in business and build our staff. My business partner was able to upgrade our niche market of sisterlocks through new certifications. I was able to teach on a collegiate level and transfer top students to our salon. We were now birthing future business owners. Simultaneously, my husband and I were birthing our first child. Once our 3.5 year agreement ran out, we were bursting from the seams and needed

more space. We came upon the biggest opportunity yet! After much prayer, it was confirmed that with great risk comes great reward. We would now take over the salon and suites building where it all began. It was like returning home to this 6,000 sf building that could house 23 businesses! Those dreams were now coming to pass. My testimony is that I was faithful over few things and am being made ruler over many. As expected of the number 5, this level is filled with Grace and Mercy. It has now been 5 years since the return to the building and we are blessed to be filled to capacity with a wait list! Oh and my very first salon suite.. is now my business office! How does one level up from here you ask? Stay tuned for future updates...

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