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Happy New Year VISIONARIES! 2022

Welcome back to TikaVision! We look forward to connecting with you this year and beyond! Stay tuned for some exciting new stuff. For starters, check this out:

A DREAM (Walking, Pants Too Big)

…She dreamt that she was walking through gravel in a vast open area. She kept tugging at her jogging pants. Just keeping them up on her body was a challenge, as they were waaaaay too big. After a long journey, a huge barn appeared in the distance. As she neared this destination she realized that her pants began to fit! There was a woman there to greet her, dressed in blue denim and wearing a badge. The woman, who was at the top of the steps, welcomed the dreamer inside. It was like her presence was expected.


The dreamer is the focus of this dream. Going on a walk is symbolic of her walk with Christ. A spiritual journey. The gravel is symbolic of a rocky road where much work and activity is required along her path. A new path that’s under construction. Catching view of the barn indicates God’s vision for her- a storehouse of accumulated wealth and future provision. (A barn could also be indicative of a church or corporation depending on the life of the dreamer). The fact that her pants 👖 started out too big shows that she did not quite fit her gifting or abilities. The pants were joggers because she was to move at a steady pace. This was not a race- more so designed to build endurance. As she continued her spiritual walk, she would grow and develop her gift. The woman wearing blue (revelation) and denim (strong desire to work with others to fulfill God’s plan) held a high position of respect and authority- hence the ‘badge of honor’. She was there to welcome the dreamer into a new network. The dreamer had gained access to the storehouse and was being elevated (up the steps) because of her diligence and perseverance to stay the course. There was an expectation on her life which she had met and exceeded. Her gifts 🎁made room for her.

✨A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men. – Proverbs 18:16✨

This was a Calling dream out of about 20 categories.

Every individual has been endowed with a gift or talent. As we use them, they will grow. As we strengthen them they will be noticed and trusted. Doors 🚪 will be opened to progress you in that area!

If you’re interested and would like to read or discuss more about dreams, connect with the TIKAVISION calendar, and sign up as one of our VISIONARIES!

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